The Week I Hired A Personal Assistant

My days are far less stressful and carefree then they used to be. Coming home from a day at the office would leave me an exhausted mess, I was unable to be a productive citizen at home because by the time I got there all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and zone out.


Not the best way to have a social life or a family and I certainly wasn’t “living” at all. That all  changed the day I hired a Virtual Assistant. I know what you’re thinking, “Who?What the heck is that?!” I thought the same thing.


The idea came while I was reading a great book by Tim Ferriss called The Four Hour Work Week, which by the way is an excellent additon to the library of any entrepreneur. In the book he raves about how having an Virtual Assistant can change your life. So I looked it up and found out that a Virtual Assistant can do basically anything you need to free up your precious time to allow you to get more important things done. They assist in administrative support and project management, essentially anything you need to have a thriving and successful business.


I gotta say since I hired my Virtual Assistant I have been achieving record breaking success! Why?

She frees up my time by doing the mundane tasks that make me want to jump off a bridge. I literally no longer do them…ever. How great is that? She frees up my time so that I have more hours in the days, hours I use to get new clients and build my business.


It actually doesn’t even cost me money, I save money by hiring her because instead of spending 3 hrs a day doing repetitive tasks that don’t make me money, I have her do them while I manage the work that brings in the big bucks. As I make more income the fact that I’m paying a fee for her doesn’t matter as I was able to bring in more revenue by having her.


Would would you do with all the extra free time? I gotta say I took an extra half hour out of my schedule today and bought my wife some flowers and that’s going to make her happier than me plopping on the couch at the end of the day too exhausted to tell her about my day.


The best part about it is a Virtual Assistant gets paid for only the work they have done, they aren’t a full time employee that gets paid for a 40 hour week. You can start off slow and give her part time work to even free up some of your time and add hours later. She has her own fully equipped office and has everything she needs to make your life significantly easier.


Stop doing everything yourself. It’s amazing when I will sign into Twitter or Facebook and see posts I never created, things that would have taken me hours to complete. I will get graphic designs and logos sent to my email and I just feel great knowing it’s already done for me. No stress.


The best part of a Virtual Assistant is that not only is she doing all my work for me but she does it so much better and faster than I ever could.


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