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The Opening Act

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Continued growth requires space to plan your next move.


It’s perfect for business owners like you who are starting to see the payoff of a gazillion (approximate number) hours of hustle.  And need the headspace to move your business in even more amazing directions.

You know what it takes to hustle a business into reality.

You’ve pushed through self-doubt, you’ve crunched the numbers and you’ve held 2 am gut checks with yourself.

You’ve learned when to pivot and found creative solutions to impossible problems.


In other words, you know just as much about dedication, the art of performance and cultivating a crowd of adoring fans, as any rock star.


Now the momentum is building – it’s magnetic.

Profits are consistent and that tightness in your chest when you think about money?  Is finally loosening up.

It feels like you’re standing on the edge of something…something so. much. bigger.


And there’s probably this half-crazed, perma-grin etched onto your face.  (yep, I can see it).


We’re so excited for you!  Because THIS is what you’ve been working for.  And no matter how many hours you put in you can’t do it alone anymore.


You’re stretching into new opportunities and testing out new possibilities but you need the headspace to do it right.  And you can’t focus on dreaming big if you’re stuck in the 8632 daily tasks that demand a business owner’s attention.  


Which is exactly why here at YVA Solutions we’ve designed The Opening Act Package.  It’s perfect for business owners like you who are starting to see the payoff of a gazillion (approximate number) hours of hustle.  And need the headspace to move your business in even more amazing directions.

You’ve mastered the hustle.

But continued growth requires space to plan your next move.

What will your next move be?

Here’s what you get…

The Opening Act

 20 hrs/ month of VA support


    • We take care of all the posting & formatting for your blogs so you can focus on content your peeps will adore.  Plus, I follow some industry secrets & have one helluva method. 😉


    • Spending way too much time tweaking your designs for social media, PDF’s, workbooks etc. in Photoshop or Canva?  We love to unlock our design divas and create it all for you.  And yes, of course it’s on brand.


    • WordPress is our website platform of choice and whether you need us to geek out over tech issues or get creative with your design needs, we love both!  Want to add a sexy little opt-in bar to your Homepage?  No problem!  Your products need updating?  Consider it done.  Need to refresh your About Page?  We’ve got you covered there too.


    • Launches! Nothing sends entrepreneurial stress levels to stratospheric heights quite like a launch.  Whether it’s a new product or live event, launches rock our world!  From design and site creation to email automation and funnel engagement we know launches…intimately 😉


    • Wouldn’t it be nice to just show up for your live webinar?  Picture all your registration pages, thank you pages, email list set up, webinar platform integration & images created behind the scenes and ready to go.  You could focus on delivering amazing content and designing an unforgettable experience for attendees because everything else…is already done.


    • Maybe podcasts are more your style.  Relax we make this easy too.  Just record your interview and save it to our shared folder.  Then you’re done.  From light editing and adding intro’s/outro’s, to adding show notes and putting it up on your blog we’ve got your back.  Oh, and we’ll also add your video to YouTube and make sure it’s up on iTunes.


    • Trying to get that opt-in working but seriously thinking that chucking your laptop out the window might be the solution?  No worries, now you can just call us.  We’re known as a techie goddesses around here and we secretly (ok, not so secretly) love cloud-based software and integrations.


    • Whatever you’re using for email marketing (Ontraport, Convertkit, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, Aweber, etc) we can configure it, set up automations, funnels, campaigns and organise all the delicious CRM data it generates.  We solemnly swear this is fun for us.


    • Setting up your processes and logical workflows for team growth is a MUST as a business owner.  We’ll get you organised and optimised using awesome tools like Asana or 17 Hats.  Hey, we’ll even manage new hires to make sure your business is running smoothly.  Yep, you read that right.  But go ahead, read it again. 🙂


    • Scouring the internet for more traditional administrative assistance like scheduling and booking venues or making travel arrangements?  You’ll never have to send another embarrassing “sh*t I just double-booked myself can we please reschedule” email again.


Your investment:

$1000.00 USD per month with a 6 month contract
*The option to extend your experience is available.



“Ashley and YVA have become an integral and valuable part of our team. From website and content design to strategic initiatives and administrative tasks, I trust that when Ashley is ‘on it’ it’s being taken care of professionally. If you’re a busy entrepreneur looking to grow your business, you need YVA on your side.”

Dustin Riechmann
Owner, Engaged Digital Solutions + Engaged Marriage

how does it work?

the not so fine print


step 1: we get a signed agreement + first payment in place


step 2: you send tasks / work then we schedule it in our TeamWork


    • small tasks will be completed in 2-4 business days


    • large tasks will be completed in 3-8 business days


    • we notify you via teamwork communication that the task has been completed


    • overages will get a warning + if approved, will be billed the following month


Step 3: your next invoice will be sent at the start of your next cycle {monthly)

Stage Manager Notifications

  • unused time does not rollover to the next cycle
  • urgent requests are billed at a 1.5x hourly rate
  • weekend requests are billed at a 2.0x hourly rate
  • work can be submitted via email, or task creation via TeamWork
  • all retainer contracts are active for a minimum of 6 months

see how easy having us on your side is?

Feeling a bit commitment phobic?  Want to get to know us first before you buy the ring?  No worries.  I completely understand.  And we’ve designed the One Night Only Package just for you.


For every Coach, Entrepreneur or CEO who wants to test out a project and make sure we’re a great fit.  Consider this your trial run.  Whether it’s designing a Portfolio PDF, Welcome Package, Manifesto layout or something else you’ve got in mind.  Just get in touch and tell us how we can help.

One Night Only

Contract Free | $125/hr