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The Headliner’


It’s time to dream big again.


The Headliner is VA support AND a strategic partner who can independently implement the Business Roadmap we design together.  You’ll reach milestones faster and put systems in place to give you the headspace to decide what’s next.

When “opportunity” barges into your inbox completely unannounced with his sexy, enticing made-just-for-you-offer.  


You need to be able to jump.  

To pivot.

And to know without hesitation this is the right move for your business because it’s completely aligned with your goals.


Because after all the bootstrapping & back-breaking hustle your business is consistently bringing in leads & making sales now.  And opportunities? They’re finding you for a change.


You’ve  fallen in love with the support offered in The Opening Act but you need more.  We totally get that.  


As the leader of a fast-growing company you know what you really need is someone who can help you develop a kick-ass strategy to help you achieve your goals faster.  

Someone who just happens to have mad VA skills too. You need help with automation.  You need to set up systems you can rely on.


Welcome to the main event.  You’re a Headliner now.  And you don’t just need a Virtual Assistant (though you definitely need that too) you need an Online Business Manager.  With The Headliner Package, you get both.

Your Online Business Manager will take the time to understand your why ( the mission of your business). Then our team at YVA Solutions will make it the heart of everything we do.  Every decision made.  We’ll even post it on our wall (not kidding).  You need someone you can trust who can act creatively and independently to guide projects and daily operations for your business.  With your why front and center – we always remember what’s most important to you.

It’s time to dream big again.

With a manager that’s got the expertise to help you strategize your next move and the creativity and skills to help you implement your vision – you can.

You’re a Headliner now.  It’s about time your business got top billing.

Here’s what you get…

The Headliner


(see The Opening Act for all the juicy details on what VA support entails)


    • Limited access to our online platform so you can always see exactly how we’re keeping everything on track and moving towards the milestones you’ve mapped out.  Speaking of milestones…


    • We’ll walk you through The 13 Week Business Roadmap where we strategize with you to determine your top 3 milestones and the exact projects and tasks you’ll need to accomplish to achieve them.


    • We’ll make sure your company has all the resources it needs to achieve the milestones in your Roadmap.  Whether it’s people, materials, equipment or whatever else…consider all the logistics – figured out for you.


We’ll help you implement the systems and processes to make your goals happen.  We’ll automate everything so you’re free to focus on…

  • new products or services sure to attract even more raving fans
  • new markets to creatively take over with your characteristic style and charisma
  • a new side project you’ve been itching to implement
  • or your next big idea.  We know every entrepreneur’s got one – it’s in our blood.


(I’ve already got you thinking, haven’t I?)


The Headliner is VA support AND a strategic partner who can independently implement the Business Roadmap we design together.  You’ll reach milestones faster and put systems in place to give you the headspace to decide what’s next.




Your investment:

$2300.00 USD per month with a 6 month contract
*The option to extend your experience is available.


Prof Bio copy

The first time I spoke with Ashley I knew I had to hire her. Can you believe I had no way to accept payments for my upcoming launch of my signature program. I had a much smaller program I had been working on for awhile that was about 80% complete. When I told her about it (before I even hired her), she said “you can have that to me tomorrow, right?” I knew right then and there I needed her for my business – not only to hand off tasks that I need help with, but also to make sure I had programs and systems in place to make my business profitable while I worked on other courses that wouldn’t be ready for awhile.


Before I found Ashley, I spent hours (if not weeks!) trying to learn how to integrate software, build landing pages, update my website, and everything else I thought I had to learn how to do before I could actually “launch” or move forward in my business. Fast forward to finding Ashley, I now have a website I’m excited about, my integrations are setup to communicate with one another, and I am finally able to accept payments! Because of being able to hand off the tech tasks to Ashley, I was able to finish creating my online program, create a coaching program, and I now have the freedom to do what I do best in my business rather than spending days learning the tech side of things that don’t come easy to me.  I now have beautifully designed sales pages, automated email campaigns in place, and systems in place to make my business run seamlessly.


The peace of mind I have working with Ashley is priceless!

Feeling a bit commitment phobic?  Want to get to know us first before you buy the ring?  No worries.  I completely understand.  And we’ve designed the One Night Only Package just for you.


For every Coach, Entrepreneur or CEO who wants to test out a project and make sure we’re a great fit.  Consider this your trial run.  Whether it’s designing a Portfolio PDF, Welcome Package, Manifesto layout or something else you’ve got in mind.  Just get in touch and tell us how we can help.

One Night Only

Contract Free | $125/hr