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The Encore Presentation


Success can be a little bit terrifying.


Success doesn’t have to leave you exhausted, overwhelmed or stressed.  

In fact, it shouldn’t.

With a trusted Online Chief Operating Officer you can get back to custom designing the future of your business.

Success can be a little bit terrifying.


It comes with its own blend of bigger expectations, more people paying attention and even more moving parts to keep working together…flawlessly.

Plus, you now have a team to manage.  You’re hunting the digital horizon for new deals to land.  You’re negotiating strategic partnerships.  And keeping vendors on-time, on-task and under budget.  Let’s face it,  the day-to-day operations are sucking up too much of your time.

You can’t continue to scale your business if your day is dominated by a sea of never ending meetings with senior staff and vendors.

In order to expand in a way that feels good and stays true to everything you’ve built, you need to give yourself the space to step back from managing every project and all the daily operations.

Your vision is the compass that guides every policy, purchase and project.  


Your creativity is what fuels your company’s growth.

Which is exactly why here at YVA Solutions we’ve designed The Encore Presentation Package.  It’s specifically designed to give the CEO whose business success is getting wildly out of hand the space to dream, create and strategize again.


You need so much more than just a Virtual Assistant.  

You need an Online Chief Operating Officer.  Someone you can trust to manage all the daily operations of your growing enterprise.  We partner with select entrepreneurs (meaning we trust them and they’re kick-ass specialists at what they do) to provide all the backend operations assistance your expanding business needs.

Giving you the space to breathe deeply and lift your head from the daily grind.  The luxury of time to regain clarity and focus.  And the freedom to plan the direction you’re headed.  After all, there’s more than one way to take over the world. 😉

Success doesn’t have to leave you exhausted, overwhelmed or stressed.  

In fact, it shouldn’t.


With a trusted Online Chief Operating Officer you can get back to custom designing the future of your business.

Here’s what you get…

The Encore Presentation


      • You’ll get The 13 Week Business Roadmap where we’ll help you strategize and map out your milestones plus all the exact projects and tasks we’ll need to implement to ensure you achieve them.  It’s about keeping the whole team focused and getting you there faster.


      • We’ll take the time to understand your why.  The core of your business and use it to guide everything we do.  We post that sucker on the wall (no, seriously) and keeping it visual and concrete allows us to make creative, independent decisions without checking with you for every little thing.  This and the Roadmap gives YOU the confidence that we understand where you’re headed.  And we might just find an avant-garde way to get you there.  Who doesn’t love a little innovation?


      • We’ll also set goals for performance and growth that everyone can actually understand and measure.  How’s THAT for revolutionary?


      • We can help you establish policies that promote company culture and vision. It’s easy to keep your core front & centre when it’s just you and a laptop bootstrapping your business to life from the local Starbucks. But now you have people…people who need to be just as enthusiastic about your vision as you are. We’ll help make sure they’re clear on expectations and get them pumped up about where you’re headed.


      • Of course, we’ll oversee the daily operations and the work of your executives (IT, marketing, sales, finances, etc) This one is baked right into the job title.


      • We’ll geek out over all the numbers. We’ll take the raw data and metrics and use it to analyse and evaluate performance. You’ll get a comprehensive report that shows what’s working and where we need to make adjustments.


      • We’ll write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance. Like the latest song to top my playlist, a new smoothie recipe for lunch or some hot real estate properties I’m eyeing up in Costa Rica – just kidding 😉


      • We’ll participate in world domination activities (aka investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances, etc).


      • We’ll manage relationships with vendors. Yep, now we’ll be the ones to make sure they’re on-time, on-task and under budget.


      • You’ll get business class access to our online platform for you and all your employees – and even subcontractors. It’s a great way to keep everyone looped in on the master plan and motivated towards making it happen.


      • You’ll get 40 hrs/ month of VA support ( you can get all the juicy details over here on The Opening Act page)


      • You’ll also get 20 hrs/ month of Project Management to ensure that the whole team is sprinting towards the goals you’ve set out and having a blast doing it.


Your investment:

$4800.00 USD per month with a 1 year contract

*The option to extend your experience is available.



“I had reached a point in my business that I finally realized that I could not do it all, I needed help. Ashley came highly recommended and luckily for me it was a fit. Since my time working with Ashley I have accomplished things that I put off due to not have the time or the talent to make it happen. She has brought creativity and organization to my business.

Ashley has surprised me of her talent several times. I had a project that verbally described to Ashley, “I want you to take this information and create a professional presentation so that I can present the material back to the client.” She delivered more than I expected, clean, professional presentation that made me shine.

Another example is when I asked her to put together a power point template for a Keynote I was giving, again it blew my socks off. Most recently I presented her with the task of creating a Media Kit to market my business. She submitted a magazine format that looks like a million dollars. These are just to name a few of the talents Ashley brings to my team. One of the thing I love most is that when she creates she is open to my input and suggestion to her work. It creates a great working relationship.

One of the key things that I had been putting off was the creation and delivery of a webinar. We have done it and will be delivering our first webinar in January. The expertise she brought to the table provided the process and procedure I was missing. This will be a success and has added an additional platform to my business.
I also highly recommend Ashley, she does good work, very good work.”

Cindy Tomcak
Cindy Tomcak, Inc
Advisor to the Mortgage Industry

Feeling a bit commitment phobic?  Want to get to know us first before you buy the ring?  No worries.  I completely understand.  And we’ve designed the One Night Only Package just for you.


For every Coach, Entrepreneur or CEO who wants to test out a project and make sure we’re a great fit.  Consider this your trial run.  Whether it’s designing a Portfolio PDF, Welcome Package, Manifesto layout or something else you’ve got in mind.  Just get in touch and tell us how we can help.

One Night Only

Contract Free | $125/hr