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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

I awake to the smell of Folgers, that’s right the “Folgers in your Cup” song is going through your head right now isn’t it? No Starbucks for me. I start my day out with a dark blend of Folgers, it’s percolating as my alarm goes off and the smell helps me get out of bed. I stretch out excited to start my day doing the job I love the most.

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Virtual Assistants and Effective Password Management


More and more business people are hiring Virtual Assistants mainly because they make businesses run more smoothly and help with the success of the company. It’s the wave of the future. Most successful business people hire others to take on the workload that they don’t want to handle on their own. By freeing up their time they are able to go and be more productive in a different area of business preferably the money making side.

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