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Secure Your Files With These Storage Solutions

Technology has advanced considerably over the years so much so that one day the use of a USB stick or CD’s will become obsolete. A lot of people have a hard time switching from using these little gadgets  but the use of cloud is about to change all of that. It’s great software because it allows you to access any file on any device and it can be synced to any location you find yourself in.


These storage providers are making sure that business owners can secure their data and never again have to worry about losing their documents or having their computers crash. A lot of businesses are already using Dropbox and Google Drive but there are other storage devices that can be far more outstanding for your business.





The great thing about SpiderOak is it has a Zero Knowledge privacy guarantee. What this means is that many companies are a little leery about trusting a storage system with keeping their data safe from outsiders. That’s why SpiderOak is so great, they have a guarantee that your data is secured privately and can only be read by you and only you.


They also guarantee security so that way if your systems ever go down you are confident that your data and files are secured. The storage system automatically backs everything up so you are worry free. It then sync’s to all your devices, and the folders that you want synced get sent. You can also share the files that you want to have shared by using protected files with passwords attached to them.







Hightail is a great storage service for anyone that works with large files regularly. It’s a popular choice because it offers businesses unlimited file storage that has the utmost security available to it. If you need to send large files to business partners you have the ability to send up to 10GB at a time. It can be annoying when you send a file and realize that a client or customer cannot open it due to its size. That’s not the case however with Hightail as clients are able to open the large attachments you send over.








Secure encryption is something that a lot of businesses value when looking for file storage solutions. Not only do they offer you security but you also have the ability to send large files when you need to. You can upload and share files to clients or customers of up to 10GB.

The portals that the storage system offers you can be customized to show off your company brand. This shows clients and customers a professionalism that they may not get anywhere else. You can have your files synced to many different devices regardless of your location.





These are just some of the storage systems available to you but it will help you in making informed decisions about what storage system is best for your business.

What storage solutions do you use? Do you use a cloud service that I dont know about yet?