Part 2 of How Web Maintenance Almost Ruined My Business

As I said previously I had some issues with finding the time to maintain my website. The problem was I wasn’t maintaining it at all, it had almost died of neglect.


I talked to a few of my friends who lead me to people known as Virtual Assistants. It’s exactly what you think it is, a personal assistant who helps you with the daily tasks of running your own business.


It’s been a week since I hired my Virtual Assistant and to say that she has revamped my business is understating her skills immensely. She’s amazing and not only that but she is a superhero in my opinion. She has completely eliminated the stress in my life. Once I saw the state of my website and all the work I had to do to get it current I wanted to rip my hair out piece by piece and that whole night I had crying fits with my husband as we tried to come up with a plan for me to better manage my time.


That’s certainly a thing of the past now because I’m back on track with my own schedule and I will admit I do still have moments that I take for myself and sit back on my couch and enjoy that first cup of coffee. All thanks to my Virtual Assistant.


For the first week she went into my website and cleaned everything up. She answered client questions, added some comments and downloaded all the blogs I had written but never uploaded. She updated pictures and made the whole site look fresh again, she also changed the prices to reflect the increase I had this year. She saved me so much time and irritation that I’ve decided to keep her on as my Virtual wingman. She doesn’t do work for me everyday but she’s there when I need her.


I don’t need to worry about those annoying tasks anymore that really don’t make me any money. I can focus on the money making tasks and let her maintain my Facebook and Twitter accounts and keep all my business ideas fresh and new.


All I had to do was send an email and it changed my life. That’s also all I have to do at the beginning of every week is send my Virtual Assistant an email of tasks and she does them with no effort and truthfully she does them better than I would have done them myself.


The funny thing about it is she has actually made me money. My husband and I had to discuss what it would mean for my business for me to pay someone to take on my tasks but the crazy thing we realized after I hired her is by freeing up a lot of my time I have been able to help more customers and make more sales because I no longer worry about administrative tasks and you can’t put a price on that.


Virtual Assistants in my opinion are the way to go for any successful business. 

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