Office On The Go: Great Apps For Working With Documents on The Go



It’s important for you to have your documents accessible at all times. Many business people need to be able to access their documents while they travel and travelling for business can sometimes be an every day occurrence. So what do you do in order to access important documents on the go? There are many different apps available out there for the iPhone or iPad that are going to allow you to view documents and even edit them while you are travelling. There is no need for you to have to wait until you get back to the office in order to do this.

Here are some great apps that you can use on your iPad or iPhone that will handle your office documents and make your life considerably easier.


1. Polaris Office (Used for iPhone)

Polaris Office is a great resource for you to use your documents on the go easily and with the most convenience to you. It is easily one of the strongest tools you can use for your business when looking at mobile devices. You can access any kind of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents anywhere and at anytime. There are several tabs that allow you to view and organize your data quickly and allow you to present documents to others professionally.


2. Quickoffice Pro HD (Used for iPad)

This is quite a popular app that many business people use to get documents on the go. It’s a great editing resource for the iPad and can allow you to not only create and edit all your documents but you can access presentation formats and spreadsheets as well. While you are on the go you can view all your PDF files which will make your life so much easier. You can get files on the cloud and have remote access to files in places such as Dropbox, Evernote, and many more.


3. Documents To Go Standard-Office Suite (Used for iPad and iPhone)

If accessing all your documents on the go is exactly what you are looking for then this is the app for you. Grab either your iPhone or iPad and this app can be used successfully on either one.


4. Smart Office 2 (Used for iPhone and iPad)

If you have an iPad or an iPhone than you can view any Office documents. Not only that but you can edit and share them as well. By using a contextual interface you can move documents easily through Dropbox, Google Docs or Box. You don’t even need a Printer app, there is printing included in this specific app. It allows you to print to 34 manufacturers including Samsung, Canon, Epson and even HP.


This is not a complete list of all the products available but these are great apps that will allow you to share your documents and view them while mobile.


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