How a Virtual Assistant Can Help With Project Management

Hours upon hours are spent growing a business. It’s not something that happens overnight. But too much time spent on growing your business can actually harm your business. You need to be more focused on making money in your business, not working on repetitive tasks and administrative work.

Project management is a necessary evil. It’s a challenging thing to do but without it there is only chaos.  

Executive AssistantYou have all these people working for you, carrying on the completion of various projects and it can be challenging to keep track of everything going on around you. Big or small, handling these aspects takes some finesse. You need everyone to be on the ball and to know what to do and to complete the project properly along with meeting important deadlines.


This is a good opportunity to hire a Virtual Assistant, it’s almost crazy not to. The task of creating a team and managing that team can be taken off your shoulders and put into the lap of your Virtual Assistant. She will manage your team members with her expertise and make sure that the projects as well as the company in general run smoothly. Yay for assistants!



The beauty about having a Virtual Assistant as your project manager is that you don’t have to hear about the problems until they become big ones. She handles all the minor details that make a project flawless. With the right person in place you will feel confident that things will be done correctly and on time.

Your Virtual Assistant will have the knowledge base to handle the following tasks that you need managed.

What you really need first and foremost is someone to have control over your projects to free your schedule right up for more important tasks. It’s simple to get the ball rolling you just need to set up a meeting with your Virtual Assistant and discuss the tasks that need to be handled and provide her with all the information she needs to make sure her project and team members runs properly. Her team members will need to know what to do with the project and how to do it. Your Virtual Assistant will also require information regarding her deadlines and how to hand in work to you.


Your Virtual Assistant will also need to know how you want your team managed as many businesses do this in a variety of different ways. Guide her in her communication with her team members so she will know how you want things handled. She will need to know what hours her team members work and their availability. If team members are familiar with going to you with issues on the project it will be important for you to let them know that your Virtual Assistant is now in charge and they will have to direct any correspondence and problems directly to her. This will help your projects run smoothly.
There is a program available that will help make things run more smoothly called Basecamp or Podio. The idea behind these programs is to give you the ability to keep everything in one place so that everyone will have access to the information needed for the projects.

A Virtual Assistant is going to make your life so much easier in regards to Project Management. The whole point of assistant solutions is the belief that a clients requirements are are the most important thing to a Virtual Assistant. Delegating these projects to your assistant will relieve stress and help your business succeed.

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