Got Tasks You Can’t Delegate Then Think Again

Have tasks you cant delegate? Think Again …

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It’s easy to assume as a business owner that a lot of the tasks that you have managed for years can not be handled by an outsider. You have been creating, building and growing your company on your own for years and it’s not the easiest thing to imagine allowing someone else to take over. But the fact is, many of the tasks that you think that you are the only one capable of handling can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant leaving you free to handle tasks that are much more important.


There is no need to worry about taking vacations anymore, it’s easy to hire an assistant and having them working on your business while you are having fun in the sun.


By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can delegate tasks to that person who is skilled far beyond what you need leaving you with worlds of time. The duties that you can delegate are business-essential tasks and yes they are ones that you may not normally think of delegating but a Virtual Assistant is more than capable of handling these tasks in a responsible manner.


1. Planning Travel Arrangements

Sometimes planning a vacation or a business trip can be annoying and often tedious for a busy person. This is how a VA can become an important lifeline to you. Let your VA research your trip, book your flight, arrange for hotel and transportation. She can even handle your travel rewards, make reservations at a restaurant, set up meetings and all kinds of complex travel arrangements that can take hours to set up.


2. Managing Your Projects

There are companies that handle many projects all at once, sometimes hundreds of them. These projects can include dealing with many different employees, service providers and consultants all of which are begging for your attention. A Virtual Assistant can plan out projects, book assignments and manage different projects within your company.


3. Google Analytics

It’s not unusual for a company to have this service and then never monitor it. Do you remember the last time that you looked into it and checked the results? This is certainly a task that your Virtual Assistant can handle efficiently. Once you hand it over your assistant can give you reports right to your inbox.


4. SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is no easy task and it usually requires content strategy. Finding the time to get all that organized can be difficult for someone busy. If your VA has skills she will be current on what is needed in developing content and get you all the visibility it needs.


5. Web Development

Web development can be exhausting at times, it’s very time-consuming and at times stressful. There are many decisions that need to be made that many business owners don’t know how to make. Without a technical background you can find yourself in hot water. Instead of wasting hours of your day trying to figure it all out, hire a VA and hand things over to her. She can either create new content or manage the existing content you have already implemented.


Are you ready to delegate and increase your productivity?

Handing off your to-do-list to your new VA so you can be more focused is a great way to start!

Let’s Delegate!

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