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Free Up Another 15 Hours a Week! Quick and Easy Ways!

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It’s no big secret that there are ways in which you can save time during your already busy work week. I’m going to let you in on that little secret by telling you that a professional virtual assistant can do just that for you. Saving you up to 15 hours a week which means you get to do more of the things you want in business. Like making money!

Ask me how that is possible, I dare you! It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is delegate certain tasks to your Virtual Assistant. That allows you to free up 15 extra hours to get your business where you want it to be.


Here are some tasks that a Virtual Assistant can handle that will free up those extra hours:


1. Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle Incoming Emails

It’s no big surprise that as your business grows so does your email inbox. The sad part is the more successful you become in business the less time you have to answer the growing number of emails pouring in. Just imagine for a moment how much time you spend going through emails daily.

Chances are you spend hours going through the inbox never really accomplishing anything. This is why you need a virtual assistant. An assistant can make it so that when you open your inbox in the morning you only have the most important emails to deal with. Your assistant will already have deleted your junk, responded to standard enquiries and filtered unnecessary emails. This can easily save you up to 5 hours of work a week.


2. Social Media Management

Delegate the task of managing your social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to your Virtual Assistant. It’s no big surprise that those avenues are another way for your day to disappear from you quickly. The more time you spend updating those sites the less time you have to focus on your business.  A Virtual Assistant can handle these tasks and get them done quicker than you can, saving you up to 5 hours a day.


3. Scheduling Appointments

Managing your calendar is part of everyday business life. You book your services, arrange meetings for you and your staff and that doesn’t include scheduling time for you to drop off your dry cleaning. These are not things that you need to deal with so delegate them to your Virtual Assistant and you will be in tip top shape. Using Google Calendar is a great resource for the both of you so that you can both have access to your calendar no matter where you are. That’s another hour of your week saved.


4. Uploading Blogs & Newsletters

If you find that time passes you by every time you have to prepare and upload a blog post to WordPress or get a newsletter out through Mailchimp then now is the time to get a Virtual Assistant to handle these tasks. Not only does a Virtual Assistant have the expertise to do these tasks that person will be saving you mountains of time to make your business money. Having a Virtual Assistant take over your uploads can save you 2 hours a week.


5. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that everyone hates to do. It’s time-consuming and no one is having any fun while doing it. This sounds like a job for a Virtual Assistant, it’s their job to handle spreadsheets, record cash flow and manage that irritating accounting software. By allowing your assistant to handle these tasks you can save yourself another 2 hours a week.


These are just a few great reasons how a Virtual Assistant can change your business for the better. Handing over your most complex tasks can free up so much time. So now is the time to hand over these tasks to a skilled Virtual Assistant.

Are you ready to delegate and increase your productivity?

Handing off your to-do-list to your new VA so you can be more focused is a great way to start!

Let’s Delegate!

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