How to Develop Your Virtual Company Culture

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to work from home? I know it was mine once and thank god I got the chance to make it happen. There are no physical demands, and no smelly boss looking over your shoulder at every moment. You can quite easily work in your pj’s with a chamomile tea by your side.

Many people think that you need to be in an office environment to be around people and experience life outside of your own home. That it’s healthy and will keep you focused. But believe it or not it is possible to have a successful business without an office. And it’s possible to have virtual employees that never need to be in the office on a regular basis. In fact you can have people from all over the world working for you while providing you with what’s called a well-cultured company. It just may be a little more challenging but it can be very rewarding as well. In order for your company culture to work you and your virtual employees need to be on the same page.

So how do you make sure your virtual employees can bridge the gap in order for your business to remain a success? Give them the right tools and you will both be on the same page.


1. Give Employees The Right Tools

 Make sure that communication between you and your employees is available at all times. Make sure that your employees are in touch with you at all times, if they fail to keep in communication reprimand them in the same way you would do if they did not show up at the office. Google Hangouts is great for video chat, can also be useful for text communication.


2. Encourage Virtual Employees To Be Engaged

 Since there is no office you want your employees to feel like they are still part of the company, not only that but that you need them as well. They should be encouraged and rewarded for taking part in the company interests. Include them in meetings and make it clear that it’s mandatory. When an employee is virtual it can be hard to keep them focused so make sure to include them in everything.


3. Bring Virtual Employees to the Office

 It’s important to bring all your employees together to the office, no matter where they live. Take everyone out for dinner to show them how important they are to the company and allow them to see what their “boss” looks like face to face.


4. Interaction Within The Community

One of the clear disadvantages of having virtual employees is that they aren’t stationed in the head office. But the one great thing about having an employee in another city is that they can attend networking or Chamber of Commerce events and market the company for you in a city where you may not already be doing business.


These are all great ways to keep your business a success while still having employees in other cities. Geography no longer matters when most people work from home on a laptop and have Skype accounts.  By making your virtual employees feel like they are part of the company you can create a working extension of your company somewhere else.