Back to School Blues

Back to School Blues | Your Virtual Assistant

I must be crazy. I feel like I am the only one who has the ‘back to school blues’. It’s the same kind of feeling when it’s winter and all we wish for is summer and then it’s 100 degrees in the summer and all we wish for is cooler weather … (that’s not really me though – I’m a summer girl through and through!)

Parents generally love when kids head back to school. They welcome the “routine” that this time of year brings and unless you’re a first time school parent whose child is headed off to their first day of kindergarten, you’re probably thrilled to have a bit of peace and quiet! Or perhaps you’re heading back to work now that your kids are all in school … either way, generally, the comments filling my Facebook newsfeed this past week were celebratory.

Don’t get me wrong – I celebrate this time of year with my children because I want them to love learning and enjoy being with their friends and all that schooly goodness … this is very much a “ME” problem. Really. As a work-at-home parent I should be BEYOND thrilled that my house is a bit quieter this time of year because it means I should be able to get some work done – find MY routine!

Well, here it is folks … my Back to School Blues … (in the form of a wild, obnoxious rant!)

Reasons Why I Hate “Back to School Week”

  1. I LOVE playing with my son (who is still at home most of the time with me). Honestly, I swear to you all that I don’t take the fact that he wants to play with me EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY for granted but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any real work done when I am now his one and only playmate. He misses his big sister. And so do I. She was really good at keeping him out of my hair while I got things done for YVA or even just general housework! Instead we both end up grumpy – me because I can’t get anything done and him because life, as he knows it, is OVER because Mommy needs a break to go do work (that seems fair).

Back to School Blues | Your Virtual Assistant

  1. There’s just SO MUCH TO DO! When it finally IS quiet (like on the odd day where I get lucky and my son naps in the afternoon) I become FRANTIC. I don’t know which mountain to tackle first! So I run from job to job picking at pieces of all of them and not getting ANY of them done to completion. Insert crumpled, defeated look here.
  1. Routines actually SUCK. Like … they suck BAD! I pride myself on making healthy lunches for my daughter and have even been known to make them fun and cute in her little bento boxes, but I hate having to get up super early and make them (or even make them the night before – that’s my “ME” time, right?!). I do not like having to drive my daughter to/from her bus stop in a panic because I’m worried the bus will (a) leave without her or (b) leave WITH her because I’m late picking her up! I would rather run my days based on however I feel that day (a luxury, I know!). This is mostly why I LOVE working from home – I work when I can and when I feel like it. Sometimes it’s crunch time and I work harder or more than usual, but mostly I can spread things out so it’s not too crazy.

Back to School Blues | Your Virtual Assistant

  1. Kids are CRABBY. Back to school week is fraught with the major headaches of the new routines, long days filled with hard work, having to balance schoolwork with social pressures – I hear about my daughter’s day and wonder how I ever survived 14 years in the public education system. Then she comes home after those first days of school and bites our heads off because she’s over-tired, over-stimulated, hungry and downright grouchy. Pair that with the little brother who has missed her horribly all day long and JUST WANTS TO PLAY with her and we end up with a full out brawl on our hands!
  1. The weather. It gets colder out in the fall. I hate cold and I hate wet. That is all.

Back to School Blues | Your Virtual Assistant

OK I’ll stop. You all get the picture. Truly, the #1 reason I hate back to school week is that I just miss having my whole family together. Fall makes me grumpy (obviously!). I miss the slower days of summer, the spontaneity of our adventures  and all the special little extras we get to do together. I miss how my kids just happily and lovingly play together with very few nasty moments. I feel like we’re always too busy during the school year to just ENJOY being a family.

So … what say you? Are you a lover or a hater of ‘back to school’ time?
How do you get over the back to school “bump”?

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